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Any true Juggalo knows that the only soda that matters is the ghetto pop known as Faygo. ICP grew up drinking Faygo. It's a pop which is also called the poor mans pop, ghetto pop, etc... because it's cheap as hell. At the concerts ICP has these big guns that spray out Faygo. It is almost impossible at an ICP show not to get sprayed. ICP raps about Faygo on "Southwest Voodoo", "Just Like That", "I Want My Shit", "My Kind of Bitch", and on other various songs. Faygo is available all over the U.S.

There has been quite a bit of debate as to exactly when and why ICP started spraying Faygo at concerts. In Mutilation Mix's "The History of ICP... Or is it?", it says "7/2/93 - At a concert in Detriot, Violent J and Shaggy perform a synchronized dance a la Hammer. Realizing how wack they looked the two begin spraying Faygo soda all over each other instead. The crowd loves it and thus begins the "Faygo Frenzy".

In Jelly Nuts "Alone with Violent J" interview J talked about Faygo, "At the time, Run DMC always talked about Adidas and The Beastie Boys would mention White Castle Hamburgers in their songs. So we started mentioning Faygo cause we always had some and it was our own little trademark for our crew. This was the opening line to the song... "We're the JJ Boys on the microphone stand, and we're kickin' it live with a Faygo in our hand" "The Faygo was always there. We just drink a lot of it cause its mad cheap and they got hundreds of crazy ass flavors. My tag name was Faygo Joe cause I always drank that shit." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Faygo History

Ben and Perry Feigenson, who were bakers in Russia, began Feigenson Brothers Bottling Works on November 4, 1907 in Detroit. Their Original flavors, Fruit Punch, Strawberry, and Grape were based upon their own cake frosting recipes. That's why these, and the flavors they developed later, were (and still are) so unique. They produced the soda on one day, closed the factory the next day, loaded the product on a horse drawn wagon, and sold it for 3 cents or 2 for a nickel. They and their families lived above the plant. In the winter, when less soda was sold, they supplemented their incomes by selling bread and fish.

The Feigenson families moved to individual homes, and hired their first employees, and bought their second horse for deliveries. They added Lithiated Lemon and Sassafras Soda (Root Beer) to their product line. They also began calling their products "pop," because of the sound made when opening a bottle.

In 1921, the Feigenson brothers changed the brand name to "Faygo," because "Feigenson Brothers Bottling Works" was too long to put on the bottles. The Feigenson brothers bought their first delivery truck, a 1922 Ford. New products were Rock & Rye, (which immediately became a must with a corned beef sandwich) Vanilla and Seltzer from a siphon bottle. Home deliveries were initiated in 1923.

In 1935, Faygo expanded its manufacturing facilities and moved its current Detroit location on Gratiot Avenue. Faygo also added fresh orange juice to its Orange Soda.

Faygo hired Detroit-based advertising agency W.B. Doner to create commercials for the soda pop products. Faygo created a new, richer Root Beer and introducing "UpTown," a lemon lime soda.

The animated "Faygo Kid" commercial appeared on television, with the famous line, "Which way did he go? Which way did he go? He went for Faaaaygoooooo!" Also appearing on television was the animated Faygo "Herkimer and Bottle Blower" commercial. Herkimer was "too pooped to participate" until he drank UpTown pop. Faygo also significantly upgraded its manufacturing facility, including a state-of-the-art water treatment plant.

Faygo changed the name of Strawberry soda officially to "Redpop." Faygo introduced a full line of diet, sugar-free items, which soon accounted for more than 50% of Faygo's overall business. Faygo also introduced Frosh, Faygo Brau and Chateaux Faygeaux. Only Frosh remains. Faygo pioneered one-way bottles, twist-off caps and warehouse distribution.

Faygo marketed its specially treated water, launching a line of flavored sparkling waters. In 1986 National Beverage Corp. of Ft. Lauderdale, FL purchased beverages.

Faygo introduced Cherry Festival, made with real Michigan cherries, and named for the annual Traverse City, Michigan event. In 1996, Faygo's launched its first effort with non-carbonated products. Named "Ohana," (Hawaiian for family), there are Punch, Mango Punch, Lemon Ice Tea, Lemonade and Kiwi-Strawberry. 1997, Faygo celebrated its 90th Anniversary with a contest to create a special edition 90th Anniversary Recipe Book. In 1998, Faygo entered the Internet age with its first website and online Faygo POPshop for customers to purchase Faygo from anywhere in the continental U.S.

Faygo entered the new millennium with a "Fame & Fortune Dreamstakes: to let customers and fans design and name their own label and flavor to win $2,500.00. In 2001, Faygo re-designs its logo and packaging along with a new website using Macromedia Flash streaming technology, dynamic content and animated graphics. Faygo announces a classic 16-oz. glass bottle with an old-fashioned label design. Faygo Candy Apple, Moon Mist Red and Moon Mist Blue flavors goes on sale.

Faygo flavors:

1. Cola

2. Orange

3. Black Cherry

4. Candy Apple

5. Cherry Cola

6. Creme Soda

7. Fruit Punch

8. Ginger Ale

9. Grape

10. Honeydew Mist

11. Jazzin Blues Berry

12. Kiwi Strawberry

13. Moonmist

14. Moon Mist Red

15. Moon Mist Blue

16. Morning Mist

17. Peach

18. Pineapple Orange

19. Redpop

20. Rock N' Rye

21. Root Beer

22. St Nicks Cranberry

23. St Nicks Cola

24. St Nicks Ginger Ale

25. Sensation

26. Strawberry

27. Twist

28. Diet Cherry Berry

29. Diet Chocolate Creme

30. Diet Coconut Creme Pie

31. Diet Cola

32. Diet Frosh

33. Diet Ginger Ale

34. Diet Grape

35. Diet Orange

36. Diet Pineapple Orange

37. Diet Raspberry Creme

38. Diet Redpop

39. Diet Rock and Rye

40. Diet Root Beer

41. Diet Seltzer Water

42. Diet Sensation

43. Diet Twist

44. Mix - Tonic Water

45. Mix - Diet Tonic Water

46. Mix - Seltzer Water

47. Ohana Iced Tea

48. Ohana Lemonade

49. Ohana Mango Tango

50. Ohana Fruit Punch

51. Ohana Orange Punch

52. Sparkling Cherry

53. Sparkling Grapefruit

54. Sparkling Lemon Lime

55. Sparkling Orange

56. Sparkling Raspberry

57. Sparkling Water