Title: The Wraith: Shangri-La

Release Date: 2002


01. Walk Into The Light

02. Welcome To The Show

03. Get Ya Wicked On

04. Murder Rap

05. Birthday Bitches

06. BLAAAAM!!!

07. It Rains Diamonds

08. The Staleness

09. Hell's Forecast

10. Juggalo Homies

11. Ain't Yo Bidness

12. We Belong

13. Cotton Candy & Popsicles

14. Crossing The Bridge

15. The Raven's Mirror

16. The Wraith

17. The Unveiling

Info: This is the sixth Joker's Card. The Wraith's exhibit of Shangri-la is devastating and ends the saga of ICP. The 10-year story is unfolded in this CD and it is ICP's more meaningful album.

Meaning: The Wraith exists in shadow and earth, Heaven and Hell, life and death. He is the final vision that we must all face upon our death, for he is the Grim Reaper; the one who carries us to our final destination in the afterlife. Shangri-La is heaven, for those who lived righteous lives, be them rich or poor, successful or not. Those who go to Shangri-La are the people who followed their heart. Juggalettes/Juggalos are all destined to go to Shangri-La.