Title: The Riddle Box

Release Date: 1995


01. Intro

02. Riddle Box

03. The Show Must Go On

04. Chicken Huntin' (Slaughter House Mix)

05. Interview

06. Toy Box

07. Cemetary Girl

08. 3 Rings

09. Headless Boogie

10. The Joker's Wild

11. Dead Body Man

12. Lil' Somthin' Somthin'

13. Ol' Evil Eye

14. 12

15. The Killing Fields

16. I'm Coming Home

Info: The Riddlebox was the third Joker's Card. It was released in towns outside of Detroit such as Dallas and St. Louis. This was a more dark, evil sound for ICP than heard before. It also was they're first release on a major label (Jive Records).

Meaning: Represents the vision many see when they die. When you turn the crank, what comes out determines if you go to Heaven or Hell.