Title: The Amazing Jeckel Brothers

Release Date: 1999


01. Intro

02. Jake Jeckel

03. Bring It On

04. I Want My Shit

05. Bitches

06. Terrible

07. I Stab People

08. Another Love Song

09. Everybody Rize

10. Play With Me

11. Jack Jeckel

12. Fuck The World

13. The Shaggy Show

14. Mad Professor

15. Assassins

16. Echoside

17. Nothing's Left

Info: The Amazing Jeckel Brothers, The Fifth Joker's Card, and another change in style of ICP's music. Centered on Jack "the sinister" and Jake "the just". These two jugglers pass balls symbolizing your sins, Jack trying his best to make Jake fumble and drop a ball and with that ending your judgement and descending you to Hell...and likewise. This album features appearances by Ol' Dirty Bastard, Snoop Dog and Twiztid.

Meaning: The Amazing Jeckel Brothers are Jake and Jack Jeckel. Jake is good, and cares for the well-being of people, while Jack is sinister and evil. When you die these two spirits juggle your sins. For each sin you committed in your life, a ball is added to their juggling act, making it harder for them to perform. If they drop a ball you go to Hell, if not, you will enter into Shangri-La. To make matters worse, Jack is trying to mess Jake up, just for the fun of it.