Title: Ringmaster

Release Date: 1994


01. Wax Museum

02. Murder Go Round

03. Chicken Huntin'

04. Mr. Johnson's Head

05. Southwest Song

06. Get Off Me, Dog!

07. Who Asked You

08. The Dead One

09. My Fun House

10. For The Maggots

11. Wagon Wagon

12. The Loons

13. Love Song

14. Bugz On My Nutz

15. House Of Mirrors

16. Ringmaster's Word

Info: The Ringmaster was the second Joker's Card. It sparked a different style of rap in ICP rather than in Carnival of Carnage. It sold more copies than COC and is a cult classic.

Meaning: Promotes gang harmony, and features claws that represent rival gang signs of forks up and forks down. In other words, all kinds can have clown love.