Title: Carnival of Carnage

Release Date: 1992


01. Intro

02. Carnival Of Carnage

03. The Juggla

04. First Day Out

05. Red Neck Hoe

06. Wizard Of The Hood

07. Guts On The Ceiling

08. Is That You? w/ Kid Rock

09. Night Of The Axe

10. Psychopathic

11. Blackin' Your Eyes

12. Never Had It Made

13. Your Rebel Flag

14. Ghetto Freak Show

15. Taste w/Esham

Info: The album that started the saga. They're debut album and the first of six Joker's Cards. Although nothing about Joker's Cards are mentioned on this album, it's still percieved as one. This album featured local artists Esham and Kid Rock. This album as was the end of John Kickchass (Shaggy's Brother) in ICP. This was later re-released nationwide without "Blackin' Your Eyes" and "Night of the Axe".

Meaning: This 1st of the joker's cards and the first album featuring the Insane Clown Posse (formerly the Inner City Posse). It tells of the Carnival that comes to drag you to heaven or hell.